The Essex Dental Centre offers a wide range of restorative dentistry options to restore and transform your smile, maintaining the natural appearance of your teeth at all times.

Tranform your smile


Veneers are a thin, custom-made porcelain shell that can be cemented to the front surface of a tooth to improve the shape, colour and aesthetics of that tooth. Porcelain veneers are generally more stain resistant than resin veneers and better mimic the light reflecting properties of your natural teeth.

Cosmetic veneers can be an effective way of giving you a natural-looking and beautiful smile that will transform your confidence.


Crowns provide a strong outer shell that restores the appearance and function of a heavily damaged, cracked or broken tooth. Crowns can be made of metal or porcelain or a combination of the two. Some of the new porcelains give a truly beautiful result by creating natural-looking teeth.


A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth by using the teeth adjacent to the gap for support; it will usually be made up of metal and porcelain and comprises a crown on either side, then false teeth to fill the gap.

A bridge may offer a solution to restoring your smile and your ability to speak, bite or chew properly. Bridges can also fulfil an important function in maintaining the shape of your face or keeping your remaining natural teeth in the correct position.


Dental implants are a wonderful way to restore gaps and replace missing teeth without having to damage your healthy adjacent teeth. They have been found to offer the most functionally effective and durable method of treating tooth loss and, in most cases, provide a permanent solution.

Our dentist, Louise McAllister, has been fitting implants since 2008 and maintains up-to-the-minute knowledge of implantology. In some cases, however, implants may be fitted by John Good, a specialist who has previously taught prosthodontics at the Eastman Hospital and has a very successful practice in Sloane Street, London. We can refer locally for CT scans, where appropriate.

Root treatments

Root canal treatments are sometimes necessary when the dental pulp or vascular tissue within a tooth becomes infected. In a mature tooth, this tissue is present to alert us to damage or infection but, if necessary, an adult tooth can survive very well without this pulp.

At The Essex Dental Clinic, we use an excellent nickel titanium file system for cleaning root canals; we also use the latest system for root filling. If a case is particularly complex, we have the option to refer our patients to a local specialist.


Tooth loss can occur for many reasons and often leads to a decline in confidence, as well as difficulties with chewing and biting. As your teeth are integral to your facial structure, tooth loss can also age your appearance by causing your cheeks or mouth to lose definition. Therefore, it’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

Dentures provide an affordable removable replacement for your missing teeth and surrounding tissues. These days, dentures are designed to look natural and feel comfortable. Patients can be fitted for full or partial dentures, depending on the degree of tooth loss. At The Essex Dental Clinic, we provide dentures made from acrylic, Cobalt Chrome and Valplast, which offers a more flexible partial denture than those traditionally fitted.

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