Our skilled periodontal team can help you improve the health of your gums in order to make the most of your smile and protect your teeth.

Improving your oral health

As a patient at The Essex Dental Clinic, you will benefit from contact with our highly experienced Hygienist and Dental Therapist. Once again focusing on prevention as well as cure, our team will help you improve the overall health of your gums and mouth through regular hygiene appointments and targeted advice about brushing, flossing and other methods of cleaning between your teeth.

They can also treat a wide range of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, gingival recession (receeding gums) and periodontitis - the latter of which occurs when gingivitis has been left untreated and is the most common periodontal disease. Preventing these diseases or, at the very least, catching them early goes a long way towards protecting the long-term health and strength of your natural teeth and significantly reduces the chance of tooth loss and other related problems later in life.

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